Thank you for purchasing a BUTTERO product.

If you register as ``BUTTERO MEMBERS,'' you will receive a coupon for ``3,000 yen off'' on repair (maintenance) fees.

This is a special gift to express our gratitude to all members who have been using BUTTERO products for a long time.
You can conveniently use it to maintain your product after purchase.

Additionally, when you register as a BUTTERO MEMBERS, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. New product information: We will be the first to inform you of the latest BUTTERO product lineup and new item information.
  2. Sale Information: We'll notify you regularly about sales and special events, so you never miss a great deal.
  3. Limited Coupons: We provide discount coupons and special promotional information exclusive to BUTTERO MEMBERS.

In order to provide a better shopping experience to everyone who loves BUTTERO,
Please feel free to register as BUTTERO MEMBERS and take advantage of the benefits.
Registration is easy, so please give it a try.


1. How to issue and use coupon codes
・If you register your email address with BUTTERO MEMBERS, a coupon code will be included in the registration completion email.
When requesting a repair, please enter the coupon code on the repair application form to receive the discount.
Please be sure to submit your coupon code and accurately fill out your repair application.

2. Regarding products that cannot be repaired
・Depending on some products and specifications, repairs may not be possible.
For detailed repair information regarding the product, please check the official website or contact us.
Please note that repair fees and conditions may apply even for products that can be repaired.

3. Coupon code expiration date and usage limit

・The coupon code is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Also, it can only be used for one repair request.
Please note that if the coupon code expires or if you attempt to use it multiple times, the coupon will become invalid.
When using the BUTTERO MEMBERS program,
We appreciate your understanding and agreement with these precautions.

If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact our customer support.