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Product Details
Side McKay's low-cut sneaker "TANINO" is an iconic BUTTERO sneaker that is constantly evolving.
The upper is made of baby calf leather, which boasts the highest quality of cowhide, and the sole is 40mm from MARGOM.
The glossy leather has a luxurious feel, and the cushioning in the heel cup is gentle on the feet and provides an excellent fit.
Although these are simple sneakers, they are made with great attention to comfort and quality.
Manufacturing method
Side McKay method
Vegetable tanned leather
Spare shoelaces

Country of manufacture
Actual size
39 25 cm
39.5 25.5 cm
40 26 cm
40.5 26.5 cm
41 27 cm
41.5 27.5 cm
42 28 cm
43 29 cm
44 30 cm

*Please note that there may be slight differences due to the handmade nature of the product.

Fitting Review

Man A

Square type Foot width: 2E (standard) Instep: 6.0cm

Regular size
Wearing size
40 (26 cm)
Wearing comfort
Overall it fits my feet perfectly.

Man B

Egyptian style Foot width: 2E (standard) Instep: 6.6cm

Regular size
Wearing size
43 (29 cm)
Wearing comfort
There is a little room in the heel area. I like a larger size, so I chose size 43.

Man C

Greek type Foot width: D (narrow) Instep: 7.4cm

Regular size
Wearing size
42 (28 cm)
Wearing comfort
I have a high instep and like larger sizes, so I choose size 42.

Woman B

Greek style Foot width: 1E (standard) Instep: 6.4cm

Regular size
Wearing size
39.5 (25.5 cm)
Wearing comfort
It fits perfectly.


BUTTERO's handmade technology has been preserved throughout its long history.

Please experience the high-quality Italian leather, the skill of the shoemaker, the beautiful form, the good coloring, and the wonderful fit that you can see at a glance.

*Please be sure to read the "Precautions for Use" before using the product.

*The listed size is just a guide. The size may vary slightly depending on the type of shoe.

*As this is a handmade product that takes advantage of the texture of the leather, even products with the same color may differ, and there may be uneven coloring, dirt, or scratches. Please note.

*The color of the product image may differ from the actual color depending on the lighting and viewing environment of your computer. Please note.

*Please refer to the individual product image for a guide to the color of the product.

*The weight of the shoes is the weight of both feet only. Boxes and accessories are not included in the measurement.

*If the product is not defective, we will ship it even if the wrapping paper or box is damaged. Please note.

*If you order an in-stock item and a pre-order item in the same cart, the in-stock item will be shipped together with the pre-order item.

If you would like to have in-stock items shipped separately, please place two orders in separate carts.