Dec 07, 2023BUTTEROJP

VINCI X is the iconic VINCI innovation model.
The modernized upper with new customization is even more sophisticated, and the soft leather lining provides comfort from the start.

Among them, the sole developed in exclusive collaboration with Vibram® is a hybrid specification that combines design and technology.
The combination of EVA and rubber materials ensures lightness and flexibility as well as excellent durability.

Furthermore, the outsole is equipped with the Vibram Rollin Gait System (RGS/Vibram Rolling Gate System).
The design provides stability and can be expected to reduce muscle fatigue.

What elevates the shoes are the square leather laces and the three-dimensional logo label sewn onto the tongue.
The insole is made of low-resilience material covered with genuine leather that gently fits your feet and is highly breathable.

Step into the new VINCI X.
Enjoy your own daily experience, the perfect blend of innovation, minimal design and luxury.