Notice of Product Price Revision ( price reduction )

Mar 01, 2024BUTTEROJP

Thank you for visiting BUTTERO JAPAN.

We will be making some price revisions (price reductions) for BUTTERO products from March 1, 2024.

Due to the rapid depreciation of the yen in recent years and the dramatic rise in all kinds of costs, including raw materials, material costs, logistics costs, and energy costs, it has been extremely difficult to absorb the rising costs using the existing supply system.

However, with a strong desire to maintain quality and continue innovation while providing our customers with more affordable prices and letting everyone know the appeal of BUTTERO's best-selling models, we have increased productivity by streamlining our supply system. We have made improvements and reduced costs that we are now able to pass on to our customers.

Therefore, starting March 1, 2024, we will be reducing the prices of BUTTERO JAPAN products.

BUTTERO will continue to strengthen innovation in addition to existing products and actively introduce new products so that many customers will continue to enjoy our high-quality products.
Please look forward to BUTTERO's future.

■ Price revision effective date: March 1st (Friday) ~

Product name Conventional price New price Link to Product page
CARRERA B9710 BIAN-UG ¥70,400- ¥66,000- CARRERA B9710 BIAN-UG
CRESPO B10220 VARA-UG / VARC-UG ¥78,100- ¥69,300- CRESPO B10220
FUTURA B10062 RUBE-UG ¥81,400- ¥77,000- FUTURA B10062
CIRCOLO B10530 ROUS-UG / MOTS-UG ¥95,700- ¥83,600- CIRCOLO B10530