BUTTERO 2024S/S ITEM was introduced in the web magazine FORZA STYLE.

Mar 21, 2024BUTTEROJP

BUTTERO 2024 S/S shoes were featured in the men's fashion and lifestyle web magazine "FORZA STYLE."

The official website also has a special page for 2024 S/S. Please check it out.

Featured Articles
▷ [Buttero's sneakers are also interesting] An Italian giant that Vibram has agreed to co-develop

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BUTTERO Spring New Collection Introduction Page

▷VINCI X (Vinci X Suede) B10540 GORH N

▷VINCI X (Vinci X Calf Leather) B10540 MOTS / ROUS

▷ TANINO B10512 CUSI Intrecciato <Scheduled for release in mid-April>
*Other products will be added to the "2024 SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION." Please wait.