[5th ​​release] 2024 S/S items have arrived

May 24, 2024BUTTEROJP

Thank you for always using BUTTERO.

Sorry to keep you waiting.
The new CASTIGLIONE Intrecciato has arrived.
Now the entire lineup is complete.

Castiglione CUSI

The classic sandal, CASTIGLIONE's intrecciato sandals, are now on sale.

Handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans, the fine intrecciato weave conveys a sense of luxury and elegance to all who come into contact with it.
The delicate stitches create unique designs and exquisite details that add unique value to the product.
And when combined with the finest leather from Ecopell 2000, this technique reaches new heights.
It already has the presence of a work of art.

The fine knit will greatly expand the range of your casual outfits, whether for town or resort.

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