2023 Autumn/Winter: “VINCI X”, a rich new dad sneaker with attention to detail

Sep 29, 2023ButteroJP

VINCI X is a rich dad sneaker with attention to detail.
It was introduced in the November issue of BEGIN magazine as a "luxury pair that would impress even the Maison brands." This time we will look back at its charm.

First, when you look at the upper part, its beauty and luxury are immediately obvious. Its smooth texture, deep color, and unique scent.
“il profumo del pelle,” or “the scent of leather,” wafts from your feet.

This masterpiece is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen using BUTTERO 's high-quality Italian leather.
As soon as you step inside, you will feel the high quality and luxury feel.

In addition to its beautiful appearance, VINCI X 's great appeal lies in its excellent functionality.
The Vibram sole designed exclusively for this shoe has extremely high cushioning properties.
This makes it less tiring to walk for long periods of time and reduces the burden on your feet.

Additionally, the Strobel manufacturing method allows the midsole and upper to be integrated into one piece, so there are fewer seams and the shoe is lightweight, comfortable, and comfortable to wear.
You can experience a light walk and a good turn of the foot.

Since its founding in 1974 , BUTTERO has sought to create the world's best shoes.

This isn't just any sneaker. The ultimate item that embodies BUTTERO 's pride, tradition, and cutting-edge technology.

Come and experience the luxury and comfort for yourself.

VINCI X B10540 GORH P Gray



VINCI X B10540 MOTS / ROUS P White/Black Preorder