Premium SUMMER SALE | Carefully selected items

Jul 11, 2024BUTTEROJP

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of BUTTERO.

Our Premium SUMMER SALE is now on sale.

■ Period: Until July 31st (Wed)

Take this opportunity to achieve sophisticated style.
This time, we will introduce a carefully selected list of items that we particularly recommend.

FUTURA B10281 ● Available in 2 colors

A futuristic design in a classic trainer shoe. Made with high-quality materials typical of BUTTERO, this is a masterpiece that you can enjoy watching change over time.
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TANINO B10270 ●Available in 3 colors

A slip-on model from the TANINO series, an iconic BUTTERO sneaker that is constantly evolving.
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CIRCOLO B10040 ●White

A luxurious model with a unique texture and a heavy, imposing presence thanks to the stone wash finish.
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We carry a wide range of simple yet dressy Italian leather dress shoes and leather sneakers for both men and women.
Numbers are limited, so please take this opportunity to experience the premium leather items that interest you.